Northwest Journey

Northwest Journey provides a community-based day or half-day treatment option by offering comprehensive intervention and preventative services aimed at preventing out-of-home placements and creating family stability and individual success. In addition, Northwest Journey provides therapeutic support services for children, adolescents, and families transitioning back to the community from out-of-home placements.

Is Northwest Journey the Right Fit?

Northwest Journey is a mental health day treatment program unlike any other in the state of Wisconsin for children and adolescents. Consider Northwest Journey when:

  • Traditional weekly outpatient counseling and/or therapy is no longer effective.
  • Your child’s behaviors are becoming increasingly unmanageable at home, in school or the community.
  • Your child is going to be discharged from an inpatient hospital, residential or group home setting.
  • Your child’s mental health is impeding daily living skills.

What are the Benefits of Northwest Journey?

Northwest Journey consistently uses evidence-informed practices to provide high-quality and effective mental health treatment to youth in our program. Our individualized and family-centered treatment plans and approaches are developed with a strength-based and trauma-informed perspective.

The supportive and therapeutic environment, along with the treatment services we employ, enable the child and family to develop positive relationships, learn new and healthy skills, and make positive changes. Each child has an individualized treatment plan which allows us to tailor treatment services to meet their specific needs.

We draw on the strengths and coping skills children and families bring to the treatment process to help facilitate change and enhance healthy skills and relationships, which results in a more productive and satisfying life experience.

I want to give a shot out to our student Cam. After a long stretch of chronic truancy at school and initially when he started here, he had perfect attendance in April and on his way to that in May as well! -

(School District)

Therapeutic Services

Individual Counseling

Sessions are conducted regularly with each client to work on specifically identified issues.

Family Counseling

These services focus on the specific needs of the child within the family. Family issues such as communication, relationships, divorce, and drug and alcohol use are discussed.

Group Counseling

Facilitated in the discussion, educational and experiential formats on topics like living skills, errors in thinking, human development, anger management, communication, self-esteem, and alcohol and other drug issues.

Educational Services

In collaboration with local school districts to coordinate necessary academic requirements and facilitate reintegration into the school system.

Coordination of Care Services

Partners with families and providers to ensure that practices and treatments are successfully cohesive.

Transitional Services

Designed to address transitional needs for each individual child through county, school and family coordination.

Qualifications and Certifications

Northwest Journey is a certified children’s mental health day treatment program in accordance with DHS 40. We have psychologists, registered nurses, psychotherapists, and mental health professionals working as a team to lead the treatment process.

Northwest Journey offers in-person and telepsychiatry when we are unable to get psychiatric services within the community. No other children’s day treatment offers this service.

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Our team of mental health professionals are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to help strengthen families and communities.


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