Northwest Directions

Northwest Directions is a school-based outreach program that works with the child, family, therapist and community resources to make positive, impactful and sustainable mental health gains.

Is Northwest Directions the Right Fit?

We provide outreach services for children and families needing professional help. Symptoms, behaviors, transitions, and stressors can be addressed for a healthier, more productive life. Signs to watch for:

Mental Health Symptoms

  • Difficulty concentrating or staying alert
  • Change in sleep and/or eating habits
  • Self-harm
  • Change in mood
  • Loss of interest in hobbies/activities

Disruptive Behavior

  • School absences/school avoidance
  • Decrease in academic performance
  • Irritability¬†
  • Increased challenging behaviors
  • Defiance

What are the Benefits of Northwest Directions?

Northwest Directions provides therapeutic outreach to children and families in their community through preventative, comprehensive, quality mental health services. This team approach allows for both the child and their family to create reasonable and sustainable goals, direct the course of treatment and foster greater stability. Northwest Directions allows for children and their families to be served in a location that helps support and achieve the desired outcomes.

We Believe that Every Child Can Succeed

We provide personalized, family-oriented care and support with an emphasis on building strengths. Our assessments identify your child's mental health needs and create a treatment plan to help them achieve stability and reach their goals.

Outpatient Clinic Administrator: Ashley Johnson
Phone: (920) 336-8960
Fax: (920) 336-8963

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Our team of mental health professionals are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to help strengthen families and communities.

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