Northwest Journey

Northwest Journey provides a community-based treatment option by offering comprehensive intervention and preventative services aimed at preventing out of home placements and creating family stability and individual success.  In addition, Northwest Journey provides therapeutic support services for children, adolescents, and families transitioning back to the community from out-of-home placements.

Consider Northwest Journey when:

  • Counseling and therapeutic intervention is necessary beyond weekly outpatient visits.
  • A child or adolescent’s behaviors and/or emotions lead to situations not sufficiently managed at home, in school or in the community.
  • Current or previous treatment is not meeting the needs of the child, adolescent, or family.
  • Discharge from an inpatient hospital, residential, or group home setting is imminent, and intensive treatment is needed to maintain treatment gains, or to further treatment outcomes.
  • A child or adolescent’s behaviors or other mental health issues are impeding success.


Qualifications and Certification

Northwest Journey is a certified children’s mental health day treatment program in accordance with DHS 40. We have Psychologists, Registered Nurses, Psychotherapists, and Mental Health Professionals working as a team to lead the treatment process.

Northwest Journey offers in-person and tele-psychiatry when we are unable to get psychiatric services within the community. No other children’s day treatment offers this service.

Therapeutic Services

Northwest Journey consistently uses evidence-informed practices to provide high quality and effective mental health treatment to youth in our program. Our individualized and family centered treatment plans and approaches are developed with a strength-based and trauma-informed perspective.

The supportive and therapeutic environment, along with the treatment services we employ, enable the child and family to develop positive relationships, learn new and healthy skills, and make positive changes. Each child has an individualized treatment plan which allows us to tailor treatment services to meet his or her specific needs.

We draw on the strengths and coping skills children and families bring to the treatment process to help facilitate change and enhance healthy skills and relationships, which results in a more productive and satisfying life experience.

With children, behaviors are a method of communication. Because many of the children we see don’t have the ability to verbalize their emotions and process them effectively, they often use behaviors as a means of communicating their needs or in order to cope with their experiences and views of the world. We must listen to the child, seek to understand their behaviors, validate their needs, and address the behaviors. This process is critical in order to promote a comprehensive understanding of the child and his or her needs and a fully attentive treatment process that meets the child and family where they are.

Our clinical analysis looks at a child’s chronological age and development, intellectual age and development, and emotional age and development. A child’s individual experiences, personal characteristics, learning styles, intellectual abilities, maturity, etc. all influence the child and his/her needs and development.

We use our clinical knowledge and experience to examine the child and family’s history and current status to determine a comprehensive, individualized, clinical, evidence-informed approach that addresses the needs of the child and his or her family.


Therapeutic services include:

    • Individual Counseling – Individual counseling sessions are conducted regularly with each client to work on specific identified issues.
    • Family Counseling – Family counseling focuses on the specific needs of the child within the family.
    • Group Counseling – Groups are conducted throughout each day targeting the issues of each client, group goals, and skill building.  Groups are facilitated in discussion, educational, and experiential formats on such topic areas as living skills, errors in thinking, human development, anger management, communication, self-esteem, and alcohol and other drug issues.
    • Family Services – Group sessions are conducted to target family issues such as communication, family relations, children of divorce, and drug and alcohol abuse issues within the family.  Meetings with parents, families or alternative care providers are facilitated to assist families in a supportive and therapeutic manner.
    • Educational Services – Educational services are provided by an Educational Coordinator in a tutorial format for approximately one hour each day. Northwest Journey works collaboratively with the local school districts to coordinate the educational programming and to facilitate re-integration into the school system.
    • Coordination of Care – We partner with families and other providers to coordinate services.  Our goal is to create efficiencies and work together to increase the effectiveness of treatment.
    • Transitional Services – We recognize that transitions can be difficult for children and families.  We examine the clinical needs of the child and develop an individualized transition plan to address those needs.  We work with counties, schools, and families to develop and implement the plan.

Program Schedule

Northwest Journey works in cooperation with local schools and counties to provide an intensive community-based treatment alternative.  We meet youth where they are by providing half or full-day program options.

Our half and full day programming options provide the least restrictive treatment opportunity for each child. If a child is doing well in the education setting, we want him/her to continue with that success.


Third party payers (Private Insurance or Medical Assistance) fund over 95% of our clients.

Unless an agreement is signed with NW Journey, we will not bill you for our services.

Our business department will work with referral agencies and families to determine and develop coverage plans.


Northwest Journey provides or helps to arrange transportation to and from the program, we can transport individuals 60 miles or more to our sites.  Northwest Journey transportation enhances the treatment process because transportation services are provided by staff hired and trained by Northwest Journey.  Our transportation staff understand the unique needs of children and can both respond to a client’s needs in a manner consistent with his or her treatment plan as well as communicate with site staff regarding any treatment concerns that arise during transportation times.

County Social Worker and Referral Source

“I will say, that my kiddos are doing the BEST they have EVER done and I attribute that to all the wonderful work you all have done with them! They are responding….it might be slow, and they continue to have their issues, but they are responding and making some changes.  So, give yourselves all (lots) of pats on the back!   :)”

Northwest Journey Client

“I wanted to personally thank everyone at NWJ and it’s amazing for me to look back and see where I was to where I am now. I almost have my first job (fingers crossed, the manager said it looks promising), I have my temporary license and working towards my license and I am in track for graduation and maintaining a B+ in my anatomy course. I set a few goals for myself and I’m on track to meet each of my goals. I have to say with the encouragement I had received from my time at NWJ it really proved to me that I can meet any goals I set with a little encouragement and a lot of self-confidence. I can’t thank the staff enough for being involved in my life for the time they were, you all were there to support me when I felt I couldn’t move forward anymore. A year ago around this time I thought I didn’t have a future but I can take a step back and see that my future holds an endless amount of possibilities. Thank you so much for all you have done for me!”

Northwest Journey Parent

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and the staffs’ help over at Northwest, because, we truly believe that you all saved our daughter and because of you all and her hard work that we have her here today.  I can tell you that she is wanting to go to school and be able to work in a place like Northwest to help others as you all did for her.”