Take the next step to advancing your career and improving the lives of others.

Northwest Counseling and Guidance Clinic can provide you with a wide variety of opportunities to build your career and gain valuable experience and expertise in the field of mental health.  We value all members of our organization and our programs provide services in a uniquely connected interdisciplinary style.  As a member of our team, regardless of whether you are providing direct care, clinical, case management or support services, your role within the program is essential and our interdisciplinary model provides staff from all different disciplines an opportunity to be truly collaborative in their efforts to serve our clients.  This experience serves as a solid stepping stone as you follow your a career path, whatever that is.

Internship Opportunities

Northwest Counseling and Guidance programs may be an ideal place to complete your Bachelors or Master level internship.  We have a long history of working with a variety of schools and internship programs.  The quality of our clinical team paired with our understanding that internships can help students develop key skills and knowledge essential to shaping their careers have made our programs a highly sought after internship opportunity for students in a variety of programs such as social work, counseling, criminal justice, psychology and family studies.  The chance to work with a uniquely interdisciplinary team provides students with exposure to a variety of disciplines and invaluable experience and knowledge in specific mental health concepts.  If you are interested in pursuing an internship with Northwest Counseling and Guidance Clinic please send your resume and a letter of inquiry detailing your internship directly to the respective site.